It seems someone has actually called for "revolt on reclining seats in planes". The battle over reclining seats has been going on a long time, but revolt seems a tad excessive...

I'd be happy if we could agree not to recline until meal service is done, but as long as we’re revolting:

Smoking in flight has been forbidden as long as I can remember. What if airlines were to repurpose the redundant no-smoking lights to indicate when it's okay to recline? This way people could also move their laptops out of the way, and so on. My iPad was nearly crushed when the person in front decided to recline suddenly and violently. Only the magnet on the Smart Cover releasing saved it from a cracked screen. I have also seen people ending up wearing their dinner or their drinks when the person in front reclined sharply.

Once I was even told to stop poking my knees into the back of the person in front. My suggestion that moving her seat forward would solve that problem nicely was met with a stony glare, but I literally had nowhere else to go.

If you’re this worked up over conditions in flight, though, may I suggest either ordering another drink, or springing for the upgrade? Premium Economy isn’t that much more expensive, and there is significantly more room, bigger screens, earlier service, and so on. The one downside is it’s often placed at the front of the Economy section, so it ends up being over the wings without much of a view out.