Uhoh, This content has sprouted legs and trotted off.

Sorry, sorry, just a little something in my eye…

There, I'm back. Isn't it noticeable that even if all the logos were covered, like some TV shows do, we would still know right away that this is an Apple ad?

Partly it's that they have the confidence not to fall back on speeds and feeds, like many other manufacturers. They remember that people don't want to buy a quarter-inch drill, they want a quarter-inch hole.

But mostly it's because this ad was obviously made by a real human being, someone who cares. This is why Apple ads actually get views on YouTube - 1.6 million for the video above, as of this moment.

UPDATE: Someone still didn't like the ad, though - and got righteously skewered by the Macalope for their pains.

No ad Apple produces will be considered up to the standard of the serial jerks who judge Apple ads. And every year someone proves that for us.

I should really wrap up some alfalfa or something for the Macalope, given the amount of entertainment the Horny One has given me over the years.